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Essences for emotional harmonization

With these purposes, during the last decades we have researched different approaches to this capital issue to understand the field of human health and disease. The starting point has been the correlation between emotions, the channels of energy circulation and the organs, which was well stablished by the Chinese sages. This is a real cosmovision in which in the human dimension are linked the cosmos, the psyche, the energy and the organs of the anatomy. We sense in this conception of the ancient sages the continuous and inseparable process, that constitute the unit psyche-brain-soma. 

The essences of EmotionLife® line are psycho-biological regulators aimed at promoting, maintaining or restoring the emotional harmony required for integral health. This is achieved thanks to the supply of information patterns carried by a substrate of phytonutrients and essential oils biophysically activated. 

Each essence for the emotional regulation acts as a set of activated molecules harmonically interconnected, achieving this way the synergic multiplication of their potential. We understand it better when we recognize in many plants properties due to the synergy of diverse components which couldn’t be attributed only to the particular properties of their active principles.

In the system of EmotionLife® the synergy is achieved among the molecular, energy and information levels to generate a synchronic activation of the own emotional regulation systems of the organism. 

The supplements of the EmotionLife® line behave as emotional regulator. It means they tend to restore the emotional balance whatever their starting point. This action favors the rise of the negative or repressed emotions to their respective positive components. In other terms, it involves the transmutation of the blind urges world to the ideals; it means the ascension from eros to logos.    

It is increasingly clear for the science that the emotional imbalances have a systemic impact, involving psychic, neural, immune and endocrine regulation, as evidenced by the findings of the psychoneuroimmunology.

All the emotional harmonizers of the EmotionLife® and Pranalife® lines as well as the Bio-Regulators of the HoloRam®line of Equisalud Laboratory are complemented by a global Bio-Regulator in liquid format, HoloRam® Equilife, which promotes the harmonic balance among the different organic systems and the regulatory information of the vital energy. This Bio-Regulator could also be used as carrier of the individual energy stimuli in the praxis of vibrational therapies.