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The emotional process of harmonization

In the Pranalife® line by Equisalud we intend the harmonization at the energy level.  In the EmotionLife® line -the emotional life-, Equisalud seeks to favor the natural processes of harmonization of emotional states, necessary for an integral health. Rather than combating "negative" emotional states, their transmutation into their corresponding harmonic states is sought. 

To this end, our EmotionLife® line favors two adaptive strategies:

1. To promote the transmutation of the negative components of overflowed or retained emotions into their respective adaptive energetic movements. Thus, the energy retained in the so-called negative emotions can be released as essential raw material for their corresponding positive emotions. This result, activated by the existential learning process of each human being, favors the following emotional transmutations:

  • From fear to a feeling of confidence and inner security. 
  • From rage and its linked negative states, such as irascibility, wrath and bitterness, to a feeling of self-assertion and balance of sadness to a feeling of deep serenity.
  • From obsessive-compulsive states, with their perfectionist trends, to a vocational feeling of dedication.
  • From the exalted maniac states to the healthy fluency of happiness

2. To promote the harmonic emotional states which contribute to satisfy the human needs of personal fulfillment and transcendence, which Abraham Maslow described as higher levels of hierarchy of the human needs.

  • Need of self-fulfillment: for this purpose, they favor the transmutation of desire into an authentic will to channel the best of our potential toward fulfillment. This helps the transformation of the rigidity of obsession and perfectionism into the fluency of vocation and devotion to a purpose, favoring the feeling of fulfillment. 
  • To stimulate the emotion of happiness and its related affective states such as innocence, tenderness and fluency which have the ability to enhance the constructive component of all our emotions. 

The feeling of transcendence is favored by the releasing movement of happiness, expressed in the unconditional love.